It’s time to level the playing field

Our mission is to provide equitable access to education using technology.

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About us

We use our experience in education, technology and not for profit operations deliver real impact and changes lives.

The Arreal Future Fund was started to invest in the research and development of technology that can provide equitable access to education for all, regardless of their location, economic status, race or gender. We do this through projects run directly by Arreal Future Fund where we face the expertise, commissioning projects where we need outside assistance, or by providing finance to existing projects.

Why education + technology?

Access to an effective education helps future generations create self-sustaining economic growth, improving the opportunity for themselves, as well as the next generation. Technology removes many of the barriers that disadvantaged communities experience in accessing quality and effective learning.

We want all people have the opportunity of a real future.

Where do we operate?

We are based in Sydney, Australia, and our current research and projects are focused on South East Asia. We are currently in the process of setting up our initial portfolio.